Tips for Successful Blogging

  • Tell the truth. The whole truth. Nothing but the truth. Never lie. You’ll get caught and you’ll lose credibility that you’ll never get back.
  • Write What You Know. The best way to be interesting, stay out of trouble, and have fun is to write about what you know. Whether you know it or not, you are an expert. You have a unique perspective about and the e-commerce industry, and people what to hear about that perspective.
  • Write often. Try to write on a regular basis. For some, this will be daily; for others, it may be weekly – the important thing is consistent posting. New content is what keeps readers coming back. Link liberally to others to add further interest as long as you link to the home page or indicate that the link leads to a separate website.
  • Get Your Facts Straight. Even though your blog postings will be primarily made up of personal opinion, do your research well and check that your facts are accurate. Make sure you have permission to post any copyrighted items (e.g. images) to your blog, and be careful about not posting or linking to items that may contain viruses.
  • Quality Matters. Make an effort to be clear, complete, and concise, and use a spell-checker to catch errors.
  • Disagree with other opinions respectfully. Avoid all personal attacks as they are not valuable to the community.
  • This is not a sales opportunity. Please refrain from sales pitches or overt advertising of products or services. This intent of this blog is education and allowing members to comment on e-commerce related topics, not as a vehicle for selling goods or services.
  • The blog should not become a vehicle for personal attacks or attacks on a company, its products, its executives, supervisors, coworkers, customers, competitors, or competitors’ products.
  • Respect your audience. Don’t use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, etc., and show proper consideration for others’ privacy and for topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory – such as politics and religion.
  • No defamation or obscenities. You may not post any material that is obscene, defamatory, profane, libelous, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful or embarrassing to another person or any other person or entity.
  • Think about the consequences. Anything that’s on the internet is public, and the correct Google search can find what you’ve written. What you publish will be around for a long time. Remember that you are not anonymous – even if you write anonymously or under a pseudonym, your identity can still be revealed.
  • Original Content. Please refrain from directly copying and pasting content that has been previously posted on the blog and other blogs. Our intention is to have original content available on the blog. You can, however, write an original introduction and link to a post in another location.
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