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With more than a decade of service to the online retail community, Scott Silverman will be departing as Executive Director of Shop.org at the end of the week. As he prepares for his new role with an internet start-up company, Scott has spent some time reflecting on the past ten years in the industry. In [...]

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A New Journey

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Over my 11 plus years with NRF and Shop.org, I’ve had the opportunity to develop relationships with so many amazing and inspiring people in this great industry.  The decision to leave Shop.org and join an internet start-up is bittersweet. As anyone who leaves a great job for a new opportunity can attest, this new adventure [...]

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Now that the Shop.org Summit is over, how much do you remember from this year’s event? Take this short quiz to find out. (You don’t need to have been at the event to do well on this quiz, but of course it helps…) 1. Who was the very first person to speak from the main [...]

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For our next profile in the “Talking With…” series, we’re picking the brain of Shop.org’s fearless leader Scott Silverman. Hear from Scott on his biggest takeaway from the State of Retailing Online, how Shop.org is compensating for a cut in retailers’ travel budgets, and the five people in the world he’d take to dinner: Shop.org’s [...]

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