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Albert Einstein said that anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. Not a problem for Amy Africa, CEO of Eight by Eight and a featured speaker at our upcoming Mobile Boot Camp at the Shop.org Annual Summit. Africa’s not afraid of trying new things, and she’s the first to admit she’s [...]

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As I started to take notes, I was a bit startled to hear Amy’s opening question: “If you and I were alone in this room, how would you kill me?” A self-described usability specialist, Eight by Eight’s Amy Africa knows how to get one’s attention – but more importantly, what gets people to buy (and [...]

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Allan Dick’s panel of experts was at it again during this year’s “40+ Specific Things You Can Do To Make More Money Next Week” session at the 2011 Shop.org Annual Summit. Dick gathered experts to focus on topics such as SEO, cookies, welcome series emails, page load time and more for the two-part session. I [...]

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Shopping cart abandonment. Few phrases cause more anxiety in the hearts of e-commerce executives, and for good reason. With average abandoned shopping cart rates hovering around 40-50%, it’s easy to understand that converting even a fraction of these deserted carts into sales could substantially add to a retailer’s bottom line. What’s difficult is figuring out [...]

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Retailers, it’s time to mobilize. Your website, that is. Mobile marketing and mobile commerce have received unprecedented attention over the past two years as the key to the next generation of cross-channel and digital retail. Yet even with all of the hype, few retailers have actually done more than dip their toe in the water. [...]

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