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Spring holidays such as Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are important shopping periods for many retailers. In 2013, NRF surveys conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics found that U.S. consumers spent an estimated $17.2 billion for Easter, $20.7 billion for Mother’s Day, and $13.3 billion on Father’s Day. While smaller than back-to-school or the winter holidays, all three [...]

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From same-day fulfillment to sites that are optimized for mobile shopping, the influence of e-commerce and m-commerce is undeniable. But what many consumers don’t see is how different point-of-sale systems in the store, on desktops and on mobile devices act on the back-end. This innovation of retail technology has changed the industry for the better [...]

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By now, we’re familiar with research that suggests consumers are frequently using mobile devices to research products and find store information. But many retailers find it difficult to close the sale on mobile. What’s preventing browsers from turning into buyers? At Retail’s BIG Show, a panel of retailers shared their experiences with making it easier [...]

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Retailers are moving into Valentine’s Day shopping mode, with themed emails likely to increase sharply now that the Super Bowl is over. Good news for retailers: Online Valentine’s Day shoppers plan to spend an average of $175.80, or 31 percent more than all Valentine’s Day shoppers, according to NRF’s annual survey by Prosper Insights & Analytics. [...]

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