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E-commerce markets in South America, Europe and the United Kingdom can range from “emerging” in some areas to just as developed as the United States in others. Each has distinctive catalysts and factors that contribute to their stature in the global economy. But in the 21st century, all share one thing in common: Internet usage [...]

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Holiday season notwithstanding, we’ve got international expansion on the brain, knowing what a key initiative this is for many online retailers especially as they plan for 2013. Last month, we featured market expert and e-commerce veteran Angela Kapp in a and NRF member’s webinar to discuss what retailers need to know to breakthrough in [...]

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Our interview series with Jim Okamura has covered several facets of retailers’ global cross-channel capabilities. To start off, Okamura provided an overview of his report which studied 144 large multichannel retailers in 17 markets. Next, he explained the proliferation of “research online, purchase offline“, or ROPO capabilities in the industry and which retailers were performing [...]

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Long-time partner Forrester Research recently released its first m-commerce forecast for European markets. Focusing specifically on commerce via smartphones, Forrester projects that m-commerce will grow from EUR1.7 billion in 2011 to EUR19.2 billion in 2017. Principal Analyst Martin Gill gave us further insights into this exploding area of retail, how m-commerce buyers are the [...]

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In our continuing series on the state of global cross-channel capabilities, we asked Jim Okamura, Managing Partner at Okamura Consulting, for his thoughts on the emerging “research online, purchase offline” (or “ROPO”) service offered by some retailers. Judging from the results of the “Global Cross-Channel Retailing Report: The (Un)Connected Store” study conducted by Okamura Consulting and [...]

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