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Omnichannel and mobile were two of the biggest buzzwords in digital retail. But this is a small sample of the content covered on the blog this year. Let’s unwrap the 2013 blog roll to review the most-read posts of the year. The Walgreens path to omnichannel success – At’s First Look at Retail’s BIG [...]

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The most wonderful time of the year is here. Between holiday planning, IPOs adding to the number of billionaires in the world, game-changing announcements from Amazon, and pop-up stores giving digital retailers a physical presence, it’s been a busy month for digital retail. To help you catch up from some of the hottest news from [...]

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Mobile is a primary focus for many retailers, and questions surrounding best practices change as rapidly as the market evolves. How are customers using smartphones to browse and buy? What techniques work best for registration and checkout? How should retailers think about merchandising on smartphones compared with tablets? Mobile adoption is growing globally, and to [...]

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Mobile adoption rates are on the rise everywhere, but despite infrastructure challenges, it’s truly exploding in Brazil. Netshoes, an online sporting goods retailer, is leading the charge in m-commerce and establishing a global reputation for mobile innovation. At’s Mobile Retail Boot Camp, Netshoes CTO Rodrigo Nasser shared some of the tactics putting this company [...]

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With more than 16,000 retail companies located in Barcelona, it was the perfect destination for this month’s annual Global E-commerce Summit. The event was hosted by our partners from BBP Media, a Dutch multimedia company, and Ecommerce Europe, a leading global association for business-to-consumer e-commerce. Executive Director Vicki Cantrell took the stage along with [...]

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