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There are countless consumer electronics devices on the market and tons of differently sized screens (all eyes were on Apple today as they added a new one to the list). While it’s fantastic that consumers have so many different ways to access the world of digital commerce, it presents a challenge for retailers, who feel [...]

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In a much anticipated external appearance, Jamie Nordstrom told Summit attendees this morning that the definition of customer service is changing. After describing the retailer’s 110-year rise from a humble shoe store into a revered department store chain, Nordstrom, president of Nordstrom Direct, was surprisingly candid about how the retailer is experimenting and evolving. [...]

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Marks & Spencer is a beloved brand in the U.K., but the retailer has had to move fast to keep up with its core customer and new technology while expanding its identity abroad. Multichannel Development Director David Walmsley spoke to Summit attendees about how the high street retailer has evolved to reach its target [...]

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Imagine walking into the subway station after a long day at work and stopping by a grocery store that is built into the station. You browse the available products and scan the items you’d like to purchase with your phone. Your payment and order is processed via your phone, and your groceries are delivered to [...]

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Allan Dick’s panel of experts was at it again during this year’s “40+ Specific Things You Can Do To Make More Money Next Week” session at the 2011 Annual Summit. Dick gathered experts to focus on topics such as SEO, cookies, welcome series emails, page load time and more for the two-part session. I [...]

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