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It’s not common knowledge, but the retail industry employs more engineers than Silicon Valley. While this stat might shock those outside of the industry, key e-commerce players like Gilt, Zappos and Indochino have been building up their tech talent for years. The technology department is one of the largest at Indochino with more than a [...]

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As part of a retail-focused CNBC Squawk Box special this morning, HSN CEO Mindy Grossman joined guest host and NRF Board Chairman Steve Sadove to talk about major themes around consumer shopping habits this holiday season. Grossman called this the year of digital and mobile, pointing out that more than 50 percent of HSN’s digital [...]

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Labs are where the cutting-edge kids work these days…but I’m not talking biology labs. I’m talking retail. At’s 2013 Annual Summit, attendees got to experience a peek-behind-the-curtain into Nordstrom’s Innovation Lab, courtesy of Pat Ogawa, senior director of innovation for the brand. Think working in an innovation lab could be as much fun as [...]

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If you’ve been following the Summit on Twitter, you might have noticed some new participants in the #shoporg13 space. This year, the NRF Foundation – tasked with shaping retail’s future – put together the first co-located program for students interested in learning more about digital retail. I had the opportunity to join the program [...]

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Where do brands like J.Crew, Fab, Chanel, Bravo, Google, Kate Spade, Target, Apple, Pandora and LinkedIn shop when they’re looking to set the right work style for their company culture? They turn to new “work style” retailer, Poppin. In Tuesday’s opening keynote at’s Online Merchandising Workshop, Kevin Ranford, chief marketing officer for Poppin, shared [...]

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