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Shopping carts have plagued retailers and their customers for years. There’s something inherent to their design — or perhaps it’s Murphy’s Law — that dictates that all four wheels may not, under any condition, be able to simultaneously roll in the same direction. More than once, the subsequent rattling and precarious instability, akin to driving [...]

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“Watching Ray Kurzweil speak serves as a great reminder that many people are smarter than me.” That was what my NRF colleague Ellen Davis (@nrfellen) tweeted during Kurzweil’s keynote address at’s Annual Summit 2011. If you were in the room with Ellen, myself and the thousands of other Summit attendees, I’m sure you are [...]

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Are you ready for the future? From mobile phones, to tablet computers, to artificial intelligence, innovations in technology are changing the way we interact with the world around us. As technology evolves, so does the retail industry, as retailers find new and exciting ways to utilize technology to transform their customer service capabilities. Staying ahead [...]

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As any golfer like myself knows (and I use the term “golfer” extremely loosely in my case), there are few sports more technically demanding or potentially rewarding than golf. All of the great golfers have consistency, technical skill and an attention to detail that would make my mother proud. Well, according to Golfsmith International’s Director [...]

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