Netshoes builds a mobile commerce empire in Brazil

Be the first to comment | This entry was posted in Events, International, Mobile, Retail Companies Annual Summit 2013Mobile adoption rates are on the rise everywhere, but despite infrastructure challenges, it’s truly exploding in Brazil. Netshoes, an online sporting goods retailer, is leading the charge in m-commerce and establishing a global reputation for mobile innovation. At’s Mobile Retail Boot Camp, Netshoes CTO Rodrigo Nasser shared some of the tactics putting this company on the map.

Rodrigo Nasser

Netshoes CTO Rodrigo Nasser shares innovative retail ideas at’s Annual Summit in Chicago.

Each month, 16 million people visit Netshoes’ online store, and 2.5 million of those are on smartphones. Mobile currently accounts for 5% of the company’s $500 million annual revenue, and the company expects mobile revenue to grow to 10% by the end of the year.

How does Netshoes fuel a high level of growth in mobile? The retailer is passionate about using technology to improve customer experience, and its most innovative ideas are centered around specific customer activities:

  • Soccer game shopping – Most of us watch television with a smartphone in hand, and soccer fans are no exception. Shoppers can spot a jersey or pair of shoes on the field, find it on Netshoes, and place an order without leaving the couch.
  • In-store showrooming – Clever use of geolocation and mobile retargeting offers special discounts to smartphone shoppers within one kilometer of a major shopping center. Netshoes was the first company in the world to partner with Google for mobile remarketing.
  • Style spotting – Earlier this year, the company introduced Netshoes Click, an app that combines image recognition algorithms with the largest catalog of shoes in Latin America. The result? App users can upload a photo of shoes they spotted on the street, at the gym, or in a catalog, and Netshoes will identify the brand and style. The user-friendly experience takes a shopper from picture to purchase in just four taps.

By focusing on mobile offerings that anticipate consumer behavior and play to the company’s strengths, Netshoes has positioned itself for dominance in a rapidly expanding market.

Netshoes video

VIDEO: Netshoes case study produced by Google Brasil. (Turn on captions to view subtitles in English.)


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