Infographic: How does same-day fulfillment work?

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Same-day fulfillment continues to capture the attention of retailers, whether direct delivery to the customer or in-store pickup. Last month’s Think Tank article, “Same-Day Delivery: Should It be a Priority for Your Business?” identified the primary questions and issues retailers need to consider as they evaluate the potential fit for their business.

Several prominent retail brands have worked hard to raise the same-day delivery bar. NordstromThe Container StoreNet-A-PorterWalmartSport Chalet and others are finding creative ways to deliver what customers are yearning for: instant shopping gratification.

The good news? Unlike a few months ago, retailers now have more same-day options to evaluate and test, including both in-house and outsourced approaches. Retailers will be closely watching third-party services such as eBay NowGoogle Shopping ExpressPostmates, and Shutl that facilitate same-day delivery for retailers ranging from national chains to independent stores.

In light of these ever-changing developments, has developed an infographic laying out both in-store pickup and direct delivery to the customer. We hope it helps retailers think through the strategic and tactical questions and steps for each, and to develop solutions that work best for each retailer and its customers. will be among those watching this evolving area and how both retailers and customers respond.  Do keep us posted – we always want to know retailers’ thoughts, challenges, and lessons learned along the way.

Click to download a PDF version of the infographic.

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    This “I want it now” concept is pretty interesting. I wonder how quickly “same day” will become the norm. From the way things seem to be going in this market it doesn’t seem like it will take very long. After checking out the Postmates App I am wishing that it was available in my city.

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