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Last week’s presence at Retail’s BIG Show – which featured a full track devoted to trendspotting and predictions in the digital retailing space – found the perfect introduction in retail veteran (and current Executive Director) Vicki Cantrell. Cantrell shared inspiring and motivational thoughts for the hundreds of digital retailing professionals in the room,  [...]

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It was a rush of a holiday season: close to half of the retailers we surveyed earlier this month reported year over year online sales growth of 30% or more. Per the 2011 eHoliday Post-Holiday Study, conducted with partner BIGinsight, consumers started shopping online in earnest in November and hardly slowed down thereafter, with more [...]

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As quickly as retailers were asking themselves how to optimize for those tiny little smartphone screens, along came tablet devices with – comparatively speaking – oceans of space to fill. Plus, it turns out, consumers use their tablet and smart phone devices for different purposes and in different ways. Little surprise, then, that designing for [...]

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It’s pretty easy to spout adages such as “omnichannel customer” and “cross-channel coordination”, but as any retailer knows, the much harder part is figuring out how the retail organization should be set up to make good on those mantras. Enter a panel of five experienced retail specialists at this week’s First Look Track “The [...]

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As I started to take notes, I was a bit startled to hear Amy’s opening question: “If you and I were alone in this room, how would you kill me?” A self-described usability specialist, Eight by Eight’s Amy Africa knows how to get one’s attention – but more importantly, what gets people to buy (and [...]

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