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Do you remember’s winter event called First Look? I do. For a number of years, the community met in January to review the year just passed, talk strategy for the upcoming year, and generally take a couple of days to wind down and gear up with colleagues in e-commerce. Chuck Davis (former leader [...]

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Late July is still time of summer camp, barbecues, and the pool – and for many families, this is also when back-to-school shopping goes into high gear. So says the latest data on from our partner, BIGresearch, in its July 2011 Consumer Intentions & Actions® Survey for what is expected to be a $68 billion [...]

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We recently concluded our second State of Retailing Online 2011 survey, conducted with our partner Forrester Research. While we don’t usually give a sneak peek into the results (and you’ll have to wait until the Annual Summit to see the complete aggregated results), we were happy to see that most retailers are seeing continued [...]

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As any golfer like myself knows (and I use the term “golfer” extremely loosely in my case), there are few sports more technically demanding or potentially rewarding than golf. All of the great golfers have consistency, technical skill and an attention to detail that would make my mother proud. Well, according to Golfsmith International’s Director [...]

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The mix of recent economic news is bewildering – miserable jobs growth, high gas prices, and sluggish budget talks on the one hand, yet continued growth for online retail on the other. It’s been almost three years since the economy tanked in October 2008 and yet somehow we’re nowhere near the general recovery we’d all [...]

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