Online shoppers to treat loved ones this Valentine’s Day

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Maybe it’s all the snow we’ve had of late, but consumers appear to be in the mood to celebrate a bit. According to 8,913 people surveyed by BIGresearch, well over half plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. And if your sweetie is an online shopper, you could be in for some real pampering. Here’s why:

  • Online shoppers plan to spend a net average of $114.25 on just their significant other or spouse, about 66% more than offline only shoppers.
  • Online shoppers will also spend more than their offline-only counterparts on other family members such as children and parents, as well as friends, co-workers and pets (really!).
  • Altogether, online shoppers plan to spend a combined net average of almost $200 for Valentine’s Day, or about two-thirds more than offline-only shoppers.

So what are online shoppers buying this year? Greeting cards, candy, an evening out and flowers are top of the list for at least 2 out of 5 online Valentine’s Day shoppers. Online shoppers will also spend almost twice as much as offline only shoppers on jewelry, budgeting a net average of over $50 for this gift item.

Of course, Valentine’s Day shoppers who say they will shop online, will also make some offline purchases too. One-third will make some purchases in discount stores and department stores and 1 in 5 will head to a florist and specialty stores. members, don’t forget: full results of this survey are available for download.

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