Social Commerce – Let’s Dig In! (Part two)

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This is the second blog in a series about Social Commerce. Previously, we discussed the concept of Social Commerce as the next phase of Social Media. The goal of Social Commerce is to drive measurable sales through Social Media approaches and platforms.

Since then, we have asked readers to provide their thoughts on questions that remain unanswered regarding Social Commerce. What areas of research would be helpful to online marketers? What “data gaps” need to be filled? And we got great feedback.

Here are a few unanswered questions that emerged that would require consumer research:

1. What is the Consumer point of view of social commerce?

2. Are they ready to buy product within a social platform? Or is their goal focused on promotion? Information?

3. Do consumer opinions change given a consumer’s current level of online shopping? Or demographics? Or level of Social Media use?

4. What is Consumer perception of the privacy elements involved with some Social Commerce approaches? Would privacy cause consumers to reduce what they will share on social media?

5. If the Consumer was running America’s ecommerce businesses… what would they LIKE to see from retailers in the social spaces?

6. What is the Consumer opinion of group buying sites? Do they use?

7. What opinion does the consumer have about the integration of social data into search? Facebook and Bing. Are they aware?

8. What is the consumer opinion of getting marketing/product info via Twitter? Do they follow brands? If so, how many Brands, what types of Brands, and what benefit do they get? If not, why was it avoided?

9. Would a friend “liking” a product be influential on their purchase? Do they consider some friends to be highly influential via social media in terms of product or brand recommendations?

10. Would contextual reviews be helpful… where you know more about the type of person and their social proximity to you?

11. How many consumers read blogs on retail sites? How and why do they participate?

12. How many Facebook fan pages are consumers liking/joining? Why? Were they aware they were opting into data sharing and messaging?

13. What information or assistance do customers wish they could find on brand Facebook pages? What would be helpful?

14. What is happening to consumers’ use of email? Has it been affected? Would consumers adopt integrated email and messaging platforms like Facebook over current email and webmail?

15. Do consumers watch videos on retailers sites, search for video shopping content on You Tube or other sites? How often to consumers share video about brands/products?

16. Would consumers buy product from a Facebook page if they could? Would they checkout on a facebook page?

17. What percent have used social media as a way to air or address negative customer service issues?

18. What percent of consumers are using a mobile app to access social tools? Is this affecting their use of email?

19. Do consumers engage with “location” driven social apps? How do they feel about retailers using locomobile apps to offer geo-relevant offers?

20. Do consumers report visiting a physical store based on promo, info or friend suggestions via social media? Do they report attending an in-store event through a Social Media invitation?

What questions would you add? Have you found a study that covers some of these questions? Please leave a comment and assist Your voice is appreciated!

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  1. Vahe Katros
    Posted November 18, 2010 at 2:12 pm | Permalink

    quick disjointed thoughts:

    I am going to guess that the reason for this type of survey (using broad based segmentation like “the consumer”) is to help get decision makers who are new to social media more interested in these channels.

    Here is another approach. I am guessing that on black friday, there will be some active hashtags with a good message flow rate – think of it as a modern version of walking the mall. Another mall walk would be to find some

    I was involved in a project that was testing the waters on selling products to on-line gamers. that’s a unique context and a unique audience. what interests “the consumer’ is perhaps not as important as what influences the influencers, the folks who create viral, so I would suggest segmenting this survey or your question, or changing the question. GIGO.

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