Getting Tactical and Mobile Obstacles and Enablers: Webinars Get Specific

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More than 3,500 people attending the 2010 Annual Summit. Many of you applauded the sessions and speakers at the event and have asked us for more on two specific areas of content – tactical, practical tips and anything and everything mobile. We’ve been listening and have two outstanding webinars lined up for members over the next three weeks with some of your favorite speakers.

• This year at the Annual Summit hundreds of people attended and highly-ranked two sessions dedicated to “Things You Can Do To Make More Money Next Week”. We’ve selected four of the best speakers from the panel to give and National Retail Federation members killer, specific, actionable tips to improve your SEO, Conversion, Mobile Marketing, & more. members, take advantage of your membership and register today for this free, one hour webinar on October 27th. A special thanks to Monetate for sponsoring this webinar!

• Few will argue the huge impact of mobile on consumers and retail. Join us for a members only webinar as industry experts Sucharita Mulpuru, from Forrester Research, and Andrew Koven, from Steve Madden Shoes, examine three important markets for mobile, dive into the obstacles and enablers of mobile commerce, and share best practices and tips for success. A free webinar for members thanks to sponsorship by Kony Solutions – so register today.

For those of you that have already registered for these webinars, we encourage questions from the community for our speakers. Leave a comment with a question you have below for one of our industry experts or email us at ‘webinars at’. As always, both webinars will have time dedicated to live Q&A from our community.

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