Stimulus package success story

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About six weeks ago, we launched the Stimulus package. We weren’t sure what would happen, but wanted to provide some resources to out of work members of our community.

Sunday night, I got the following email:

Can you unsubscribe me from this email list? I am very pleased to report that I landed a role at Company X as Ecommerce Manager.  I started last week and it’s a great role for me.  Thanks so much for your help in connecting me with people here in City Y, and I would definitely like to stay a member of the organization.

I asked what advice she would have for folks who are looking:

What I would say to those folks that are still looking is that I spent the month before I found this role becoming laser-focused on my search.  I asked for friends to introduce me to friends who worked or knew people who worked at companies that had posted jobs I wanted to apply to.  I got friends to connect me with recruiters who could critique my resume, listen to my elevator pitch, and help me refine my message and my search.  Things just came together all at once as a result.  I landed three interviews in one week, and was offered two jobs (the third role I opted out of once I got the Company X offer).  My best advice is to keep your attention on the search at all times (I could have easily missed that Facebook post if I wasn’t constantly checking all my network avenues), and keep your chin up.  There are good jobs out there and if you can exploit your network and “six degrees of separation”, you can increase greatly your chances of landing an interview.

The WSJ also has an excellent blog on the topic, entitled Laid off and Looking.

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