Nine E-Commerce Predictions for 2009

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Thanks very much to everyone who offered up predictions for e-commerce in 2009.

It’s obvious that the year in front of us promises to be, at the very least, an interesting one. And as Exec. Director Scott Silverman’s recent post makes clear, there are many important ways for online retailers to take advantage of the next 12 months.

Following is a summary of how several experts from around the web predict the e-commerce playing field will shift and improve in the next year…

(Note that several of these are cited from other sources)

  1. Real-Time Customer Service
    “2009 will be the year we rediscover the appeal of ‘live intimacy’ in customer service.”
    Pete Blackshaw, Nielsen Online
  2. Communal Conversion
    “Retailers will investigate how to insert people and social connections into the buying process, illuminating and influencing the Black Hole Of Consideration.”
    Charlene Li, Altimeter Group
  3. TWOM = Trusted Word of Mouth
    “With new connective technologies, shoppers will now be able to see reviews, experiences, and critiques from people they actually know and trust.”
    Jeremiah Owyang, Forrester Research
  4. E-Commerce Sovereignty
    “The global economic crisis will provide momentum for e-commerce business units. In multi-channel retailers, politics are no longer an option and resources will be shifted to lower overhead/higher margin operations in order to survive. Those who shift will be rewarded with a robust support infrastructure once the economy returns to health.”
    Peter Kim, Dachis Corporation
  5. Focus on Per-Customer Value
    “Growth is not a strategy unless you have some mechanism to profit from that growth.”
    Karl Long, Nokia
  6. Widespread UGC
    “In 2009, the most successful online retailers will do what some are already doing, and move toward incorporating consumer-written product or retailer reviews.”
    Ann Handley, MarketingProfs
  7. Growth Through Accountability
    “Retailers will double-down on measurable online marketing (such as paid search) and that may cause a faster shift & focus to online marketing for multi-channel retailers.”
    Sam Decker, BazaarVoice
  8. International Intensity
    “As the market matures, it appears many e-tailers are more willing to go after the foreign customer base. Shipping management companies are offering more support for international e-commerce and PayPal just launched its own micro-site for this very purpose.
    …Forrester reports that broadband in Europe, as well as Internet use on the whole, is significantly increasing, so this is certainly a trend to watch in 2009.
    Michelle Megna, E-Commerce Guide

    And I’ll add one of my own…

  9. User Experience Innovation
    E-commerce experiences will be informed even more by offline shopping experiences. Just as consumers expect to be able to try on, test drive, discuss and learn as part of the offline purchase journey, they will be further satisfied by smart retailers who organize shopping and buying experiences around natural consumer intent.
    Adam Weinroth, Pluck

So there you have it. Nine e-commerce predictions for 2009. Thanks again everyone for your participation and feedback. Have a prosperous 2009!

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  1. Posted January 6, 2009 at 8:59 pm | Permalink

    Great predictions!

  2. Posted January 11, 2009 at 11:55 am | Permalink

    These are some solid predictions but there are two that I made for the general market that I think apply to eCommerce.

    Video and RSS.

    Video adoption has surged and the idea that reviews are going to remain in written form seems unlikely. Integrating video into your UCG strategy and enabling it for your customers will be important in 2009.

    RSS still hasn’t hit the mainstream, but could eCommerce sites help drive RSS adoption and at the same time increase the effectiveness and reduce the costs of their communications with customers? Yes!

    I’m not saying eCommerce should abandon email, but the ones who figure out RSS will have a marked advantage.

  3. Posted January 12, 2009 at 2:23 pm | Permalink

    Good stuff. I also believe we will see mobile truly begin to impact multi-channel retailers in 2009. The current economic conditions won’t deter sales of full browser capable phones like the iPhone, Google Android (G1) and Palm Pre. As these phones achieve higher market penetration, retailers will really need to understand how to use the platform to better meet their customers needs or get left behind.

  4. Posted January 12, 2009 at 6:21 pm | Permalink

    I really like the word of mouth prediction – one specific feedback related to apparel is customer pictures of how something looks in a daily setting. Well we also keep talking about BI, how about Self Learning CI – customers making your site better AND PREFERRED due to their participation.

  5. Amitav
    Posted February 2, 2009 at 7:47 pm | Permalink

    A.I. will another area where growth will be there in year 2009. Amazon is already ahead in the race. Also new start-up like, came-up with next generation shopping experiences.

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