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Great SEO article from Seattle SMX…   Post of the week.  When you print it out, you know it’s a good post.

2nd life not yet driving real life sales.

Life of a farm blog  Sometimes a blog is completely different enough that you stop to see how different people live.  Here’s life on a farm.  Nice piece of sponsored writing, by a tractor company.
Keyword Search top tools for buying decisions

Do online conversion rates differ by business model?  Yes, but sometimes it’s nice to see the numbers.

Scott Wingo’s thoughts on Internet Retailer vs. Ebay live 

Interesting thought: Twitter to drive retail sales:

Internet Retailer thoughts from Greg Howlett

CRitique on “last click” attribution

We recently announced we’re closing the mall based Discovery Stores, while stays open. Sample articles/comments follow… you can see the different focus in the communities, from FatWallet and discounts, to Gizmodo and “geeks weeping”, to a local Portland blog, Digg, Yelp, and others.

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