Memes of the moment

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1) The Break-Up

For more info, see

2) Kodak’s Winds of Change (where’s JC Penney’s fantastic video from First Look?)

3) Hammer and Coop (Mini cooper)

For more info, see

Breaking vid:
VW’s night drive (reminds me of William Carlos Williams’ Danse Russe)

Extra credit from the archive:
Jeep’s dot matrix waterfall


Shift Happens (Slideshare itself is a neat tool)

From the archive:

Identity 2.0

Hans Rosling at TED


TwitterFeed (RSS into Twitter)

BaseEstate (Google Base real estate maps)

The “Shave Everywhere Effect” (?)

Kohler’s Jo’s Plumbing


Zafu (Vertical search engine for jeans)

Open Policy

eBay To Go (listing widgets)




Now:’s left nav

1) Jeff Han multi-touch

2) MIT Sketching (the applied Line Rider)

3) Google Earth fighter jet tour of the Alps (play both embedded vids at the same time)

1) Desktop Tower Defense (warning: addictive)

2) Onslaught

And finally… actual memes (to make us feel square)

1) Cat graphics and doods (explaination and see Twitter’s maintenence page)

From the archive:

Leeroy Jenkins (already a Jeopardy answer)

All your base

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